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" 'Super-duper-8' is the right format for Sleep Always" - In Camera, April 2003. Sleep Always is a unique first feature.... Perkins and Palidwor knew that their film would require an unusual visual style. Toward that end, they perfected their own film format, which they dubbed "super-duper-8" (more)

"Rounding up the 2nd Hart House Film Festival" -  Independent Weekly, March 6, 2003. The stylistic techniques used in Sleep Always - especially the editing and the contrasting shots of stark hallways and dark nights - were so original and created such a creepy atmosphere that I found it hard to take my eyes off the screen...  (more)

"Hart House Feature Pioneers New Film Format" - Hart House Members' News, Winter 2003. I found the visual impact of the technique quite remarkable, almost hallucinatory, and eminently suited to its vehicle.... (more)

"Obsession like you've never seen it before" - The Varsity, October 3, 2002. It's clear that a lot of time and dedication were poured into the making of Sleep Always, and the cast and crew's efforts were certainly not lost on the audience. (more)

"Sleeper talent in indie film" - Independent Weekly, October 3, 2002. Palidwor and Perkins understand the range of filmic options they have on their pallette and chose to use them freely and spontaneously. (more)

"Every breath she takes" - Eye Weekly, September 26, 2002. When you can't be with the one you love, obsess. That's the name of the game in Sleep Always, the story of one man's doomed, obsessive relationship with a woman he just can't seem to wash outta his hair. (more)

"Low-budget crew devised Super-duper stock and gear" - Playback, July 22, 2002. When a production can't afford to rent the equipment it wants, one solution is to muster all one's technical ingenuity to modify the gear it already has, or come up with some altogether new gizmos. (more)

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