DVD and VHS copies of Sleep Always can be purchased for private use. 

The price is US$16 for DVD (NTSC or PAL) and US$12 for VHS (NTSC), US$15 for VHS (PAL), plus shipping.

DVD shipping to Canada is US$2, to USA is US$3 and for the rest of the world US$4.

VHS shipping to Canada is US$5, to the USA is US$6 and for the rest of the world US$7.50.

For multiple or combined orders please inquire.


Payment options are:

1. PayPal ("Buy Now" below)

2. Cheque or international money order, made payable to Friendly Fire, PO Box 271, Station P, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2S8, Canada.

Specify NTSC or PAL. 

Canadian buyers paying by cheque or money order can pay in equivalent Canadian funds (US$ X 1.3).

For Public Performance copies Contact us . 

(Note: DVD does not have any "extras" at this time: just the 81 minute movie).

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