"Every breath she takes"

Film Week by Jeremy Parkes. Eye Weekly September 26, 2002

When you can't be with the one you love, obsess. That's the name of the game in Sleep Always, the story of one man's doomed, obsessive relationship with a woman he just can't seem to wash outta his hair. Homeless and happy that way, the man's objet du lust spurns all offers of rescue from her knight in crying armour. Sleep Always, shot on what's described as "Super Duper 8" film [which, even if you're not an indie film buff, sounds pretty cool], has its world premiere at Hart House Theatre. Created and produced by local talent, it just could be one of those rare films shot entirely in Toronto that doesn't suck. September 27, 7pm, 9pm; September 28, 7:30pm.

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