Neel Goswamy

Neel Goswamy is a sound designer, music composer, silence lover and noize maker in Toronto. Several tunes from Neel's two unreleased compilation discs are heard in Sleep Always. Most notable are the combination of Disc A Track 5 and Disc B Track 3, heard during the nightmare outside Frank's apartment and during the final encounter with The Neighbour in the hall, and Disc A Track 2, which is the pounding beat heard in the booze-can near the end of the film.

We asked Neel for a bio. Here's what he gave us:

Yo rick here are "just a couple of sentences" (a bio that's very short):

neel goswamy, sound designer, music composer, silence lover, noize maker, appreciates sound and diligtently records, finding himself searching for a new musical moment - which is not very hard to bome by ... people listen to the "noise" watch the world interact every micro like an instrument the world is a composition.

and rick if that's too fucked up...then just say these two sentences:

Neel Goswamy is a sound designer, music composer, silence lover and noize maker from Toronto. He has put himself on a mission to make enough money to fly to the moon so buy his products and this movie.

and if that's too fucked up...

then I don't know a couple of sentences seems limited so i feel you can only make a statement since the mass is so minute.


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