Merkin's Yah Breaks is the high-octane techno number in the red dance club.
Merkin is a Toronto based musician/producer who sometimes goes by Mike Butler. In addition to producing and performing with several area bands, (including Phatjazz Allstars, Amazon Shit Puffers, Matinee Slim and the Ultra-Light Orchestra), Mike has released an international single Tag Team Triangle (with Blissom, Spot Records 001) that can be found on the Beats and Pieces Vol2. and Futurelectro Jazz compilations as well as on vinyl at finer record stores. Mike is also part of the creative team at AyCarumba! Multimedia and is about to begin a brief residence at the acclaimed recording facility the African Hit Factory. All of this is tied together in Mike's publishing company Kithiero Music which he began two years ago. When all of the work is done, Mike's alter ego (yet another one) Mo Tussin emerges and spins funk and reggae records at a variety of downtown clubs in the beautiful T-dot city.

contact info: email: phone: the African Hit Factory -905-468-9099 AyCarumba website (

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