The Woodchopper's Association

The Woodchopper's Association are musical and artistic friends specializing in freestyle improvisation and multi-disciplinary presentations. Kiclic, from their Life is Not a Rehearsal CD, is heard when Frank meets Janice in a bar and accompanies him as he walks a circle through the halls of his apartment building. The number of people who have contributed to the Woodchopper's is a ridiculously long who's who of the southern Ontario music scene. Here is the list: 
Abedin, Sean drums/vox
Allen, Gord trumpet
Arnold, Martin hurdy gurdy
Atkinson, Mark guitars/madolin/bass guitar/drums/keys/vox
Babstock, Ken poet
Baijal, Sam promoter (Hillside, Guelph) programming dept. U of Guelph
Baird, Bryden trumpet
Baird, Jay sax
Baird, Jesse drums
Banks, Chris upright bass/vox
Barclay, Micheal keys/accordion/saxophone/Eye mag
Barnes, Craig manager/guh (NYC)
Beardsell, Al guitars
Bechta, Joey drums/thespian/comedian
Bird, Jeff acoustic & electric bass/multi-instr.
Blumenfeld, Dave photos/films New Orleans
Blurton, Ian guitars
Boyle, John Nihilist Spasm Band vox/kazoo
Brown, Chris keys/guitar/vox (NYC)
Brown, Gavin drums
Brown, Julian upright bass/guitar/vox
Buckley, Robin drums
Bunce, Jonathan guitar/vox
Burke, Jeff bassoon
Cameron, Scott sax/flute/fiddle/guitar/vox/efx/painter
Campbell, Pete
Campbell, Rebecca vox/ accordion
Carn, William trombone/vox
Carrey, Dave guitar/vox
Chambers, Chris poet
Charbon, Les sound
Chenaux,Eric guitars/vox/soundscapes
Cherry, Nick sax/flute/recorder/vox
Chervinec, Jaro accordionist
Cino, Sam drums/vox/dj
Clark, Dave drums/bandleader/guitar/bass/keys/ soundscapes/vox/sound recordist vox/fax
Clarke, Jay guitar
Closs, Adrian guitar
Clutton, Rob upright bass
Collins, Matt trumpet,guitar
Congram, Mark drums
Contreras, Jose multi-instrumentalist
Cram, Brian trumpet/guitar/arranger/vox/perc/sound recorder
Crawford, Russ drums
Cumming, Gord slide guitar/bass/drums
D'Cunha, Ben vox
Deb perc
Dick, Kieran films
Dick, Terence turntables/vox
Didkovsky, Nick guitar (NYC)
Dixon, Mike drums
Doiron, Julie keyboards/guitar/vox
Downie, Gord vox/ guitar/ poetry
Dr. Pee keys/vox/guitars/drums/sound shifter
DROG records (Dave Teichroeb)
Duncan, James Keys/samples/trumpet/vox/dj/web sites
Dunsmuir, Craig guitar/dj
Dutton, Paul soundpoetry
Farah, John keyboards
Fear, Alfons trumpet/bass/perc/vox
Fedrigo, Monica cello
Feuerstack, Mike guitars/vox
Fez vox/ soundsculptor-engineer
Findlayson, Josh guitar/bass guitar/keys/vox
Fraser, Nick drums
French, Dave sax/vox
Gardener, Neil trombone/perc/vox
Gaskin, Ron promoter "Rough Idea"
Gayle, Chris sax/vox
Gill, Tania keys/trumpet/vox
Goldberg, Avi design/web stuff
Good, Scott trombone
Greenland, Nick lights
Gregory, Richard bass/guitar/drums/vox/carpenter
Haines, Justin guitar/keys/vox
Hall, Glen horns/ multi-instr
Hambleton, Julia clarinet
Hammer, Jason acoustic bass
Hancock, Suzanne poetry
Hansen, Mike turntables/ckln "Why Not?"
Harley, Craig keys/accordion/guitar/vox
Hearn, Kevin keys/guitar/vox
Henry, Andrew drummer/vox
Hershenhorn, Amy promoter
Hopen, Greg sax
Howard, Blake drums/vox
Hudson, Kirk drums
James, Matt guitars/graphic art
Johnson, Clark upright bass
 Kaplan, Yossi visuals/computer/darabuka/web sites
Kaufman, Elena dancer
Kelly, Ron bass guitar/ Doorman
Kerr, Don drums/cello/keys/guitar/horns/mandolin/vox/sound recordist Gas Station studios
Kirkwood, Kenny saxophones
Krakowiak, Tomasz percussionist
Lapp, Dan multi-instr
Lawr, Nathan drums
Lee, SookYin vox/guitar/soudshifter/Rust Brothers
Levine, Jesse accordion
Lukashevsky, Alex multi-instr
MacIntyre, Graeme guitar
MacPherson, "Bass" Aaron bass guitar
Maize, Andy vox
Martin, Selina singer/songwriter/guitar/actress/bandleader
Martynec, Eugene computer musician
Matsell, Yvonne booker Teds Wrecking Yard/Barcode
Matt (Wayne O) guitar
Maynard, Scott multi-instr
Mazur, Mike drums
McGlynn, Casey guitar/painter
McMullen, Andrew drums
McNally, Shannon promoter/drummer
McRea, James drums
Mech, Tim Hawiian guitar/guitars/bass guitar/vox
Melville, Lewis guitars of all descriptions/drums/perc/keys/ accordion/recording/vox/DROG records
Mercer, Jason Bass guitar/banjo
Mintz, Noah grand masters mastering suite
Morningstar, Dale guitars/keys/vox/sound recordist/efx man/ drums/Gas Station studios
Muth, Henry bagpipes/vox
Nann, Andrea dancer
Newman, Paul saxophone
Natchoff, Quinson sax
Ockrant, Cheryl cello
O'Connell, Mike guitar
OConnor, Jordan upright bass
Olsen, Mike cello
Ockrant, Cheryl cello
Oore, Sageev keys/vox
O'Shea, Greg sound
Osler, Mike bass guitar
Perera, Nilan guitars
Plock, Christopher sax/drums
Posgate, Tim guitars
Potter, Steve upright bass piano repair & tuning
Prebianca, Lisa dancer
Presnel, Phil sound
Preszcator, Dan guitars/bass/keys/vox
Quinn, Brenda poet/manager
Ratcliffe, Kim guitars
Reinke, Steve films
Richmond, Kate vox/perc/drums
Rindone,Ronda bass clarinet/vox/booker-Idler Pub improv-music series
Robinson, Fred guitars/vox
Romanyk, Roman computer whiz
Rust Bros. (Terence Dick, Ron Cole, SookYin Lee) Sonic de/re- constructionalists *CIUT- FM show 89.5
Rowan, Brent saxophone
Rubin, Ben bass guitar
Sandor instrumentalist/multi-media artist/manager/dancer
Schaumberger(subliminal kid), Adrian didjereedo/guitar/bass guitar/ drums/vox/keys
Schroeder, Ron photog/ guitars
Shepherd, Chuck lighting design/all-round wizardry
Shiffman, Steve guitars
Shortell, Steve sax/clarinet/perc/vox
Siciliano, Rob poet
Slimmon, Tannis Vox/guitar/mandolin/sound recordist
Stewart, Jesse drums
Stokes, Wayne drums/ guitar
Stone, Dean drums
Sylvester, Yawd keyboards/guitars
Swantek, Carol (California) vox/clarinets/sax
Tenamura, Brent upright bass
Tewari, Rekiesh tablas/perc/drums (Toronto Tabla Ens.)
Thomson, Scott trombone/promoter
Underhill, Rich sax/vox
V-Tape video machine/projector/editing suite rentals
Wagner, Lynn set design
Walsh, Tom trombone
Walters, Jason saxophone
Warren, Chris accordian/keyboards
Weins, Reiner guitars
West, Brodie sax/drums/perc/vox
Westerholm, Derek guitars
Whiteman, Andrew guitars/bass/trace/vox/perc
Wiiliams, Darren tenor sax, bassoon
Wilyman, Scott drums
Wolfensohn, Galit film/ vox
Zbitnew, Anne photos/multi-media
Zbitnew, Hannah vox/dancer/multi-instr

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